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Denis Solopov: cross the border before it’s not too late 0


I am often faced with one basic question: whether, if knowing the consequences I would still take the same actions I did last year. Of course I would. Yes, we all suffered the consequences, but we also proved that average people, when united are able to scare insolent bureaucrats. Nowadays in the Russia this is worth the effort. Who are the police investigators and field operatives? TThey are subordinates who are generally too frightened to admit that they are the slaves of their bosses, deceiving themselves that things are otherwise. Many of them have clearly understood that they have to make some junk and invent a sort of extremism. Maybe there are also sincere stupid people who believe in their work. These fools do not see the extremists in officials and instead search for them in housing districts. continue reading »

One “Khimki hostage” acquired, another one got 2 years suspended sentence 1

24th of June, judge of the Khimki city court of Moscow region of Russia, Neonila Zepalova, sentenced “Khimki hostages”, anti-fascist activists Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov, who were accused of organisation of a radical demonstration against construction of the Moscow-St. Petersburg toll highway, which took place in Moscow Suburb of Khimki 28th of July.

Alexei Gaskarov, who came to action 28th of July 2010 as a correspondent of the Institute of Common Actions, was acquired and cleared of all charges. Another defendant, anti-fascist Maxim Solopov, was sentenced for “hooliganism” (statute 213, paragraph 2 of Russian criminal codex) for two years suspended sentence, with a probation period of two years.
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Biography of Maxim Solopov 1



Maxim Solopov is one of the most famous anti-fascists in Russia. Born in Moscow in 1989, he considers himself a social activist. He is currently completing a degree in Spanish and Latin American studies in the Department of History, Political Science and Law of the Russian State University for the Humanities , RGGU.

Maxim’s interest in social problems and processes is not limited to the academic and historical point of view. He formed many of his opinions while he was still in highschool, as he witnessed the changes taking place in his country, and became aware of the social forces at play wrangling for the ‘trophy of the popular conscience.’ It was as a consequence of these experiences and observations that his anti-fascist and humanitarian world views developed, alongside a readiness to fight for social justice and civil liberties.
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Summary of common a week of common actions to defend the Khimki hostages from the 2nd to the 9th of April 2011 0


From 2nd of 9th of April 2011 and after, actions to defend “Khimki hostages”, Alexei Gaskarov and brothers Maxim and Denis Solopov were organised in six countries and 25 cities. Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov are currently out from jail, in court facing charges following from a demonstration, which was organised 28th of July 2010 in Moscow suburg of Khimki against construction of Moscow-St. Petersburg toll road, and the gross human rights violations against its opposers. Denis Solopov has been granted an UNCHR refugee status in Ukraine, but in beginning of April he was detained and is currently waiting his deportation court in Lykyanovka prison of Kiev.

To read original, more detailed call to wee of actions, visit

Wheatpasting in Barnaul, Russia

On April 7 Barnaul anarchists pasted up placards demanding the withdrawal of all charges against Alexei Gaskarov, Maxim Solopov, and Denis Solopov, on bus stations.

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Volgograd: one-person picket in defense of Denis Solopov 0

On April 9 a one-person picket in defence of the Khimki Hostage Denis Solopov who is currently held in the Kiev temporary detention center, took place near the Volgograd Regional Court. Besides, Volgograd anarchists distributed leaflets in various parts of the city.

Yekaterinburg: Picket in defense of the Khimki Hostages Alexei Gaskarov and Solopov brothers 0

Within the common action week the picket took place in front of the Sverdlovsk Department of the Interior on Saturday, April 9. The picket attracted an estimated 30 people including leftists, anarcho-communists, and antifascists of Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region. The activists have collected signatures for a petition urging the Moscow Regional Court and the President of the Russian Federation to stop criminal persecution against Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov.

Serpukhov: march in defense of Defendants in Khimki Case 0


Within the common action week anarchists and anti-authoritarian leftists of Serpukhov, Kaluga, and other neighboring Moscow Region towns held the march through the town streets (from the Town Administration to the railway station) in order to express their solidarity with the Khimki Hostages and other civil activists suffered from state repressions. The demonstration participants were supported by numerous honks of approval from passing drivers.

Izhevsk: Solidarity with the Khimki Hostages 0


Within a common action campaign against criminal persecution of the antifascists Maxim Solopov and Alexei Gaskarov, as well as against Denis Solopov extradition from Ukraine to Russia, a solidarity action took place on April 9. At noon, members of the “Autonomous Action-Izhevzk” Movement, anarchists and antifascists gathered at the central square of the city and joined a numerous Izhevsk opposition rally where they raised an issue of police repressions against members of the anarchist and antifascist movements. The rally participants reacted positively and were interested in Alexey Gaskarov and Solopov brothers’ fate.

Then, they marched to the building of the Udmurtia State Council where another rally took place. During the rally an “Autonomous action” member spoke in detail about the Khimki Hostages case fabrication and denounced modern police-oligarchic regime established in the country. During and after the rally leaflets, posters, and stickers on the Khimki Case were pasted up.

Chelyabinsk, Orel, and Barnaul: Action week in defense of the Khimki Hostages 0


The morning of April 9, Chelyabinsk anarchists hung a banner bearing the inscription “Free Khimki Hostages” in support of Maxim Solopov and Alexei Gaskarov.

On the night of April 10, Orel anarchists and antifascists hung a banner and painted stencil graffiti dedicated to the public activists’ detention, as well as distributed leaflets and stickers.

On April 7 Barnaul anarchists pasted up placards demanding the withdrawal of all charges against Alexei Gaskarov, Maxim Solopov, and Denis Solopov, on bus stations.

Moscow: for the Khimki Hostages and the Khimki Forest defense 1

On April 9, activists of the Campaign for the release of the Khimki Hostages held a rally near the Griboedov monument, and a picket in front of the Ukrainian Embassy. The rally attracted an estimated 300 people. Among the participants were the Khimki Hostages Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov (brother of Denis Solopov who is currently held in the Kiev temporary detention center), representatives of the Movement in defense of the Khimki Forest Yevgeniya Chirikova and Yaroslav Nikitenko (who urged protesters to participate in the international common action week on April 24-30 and sign a petition in defence of the Khimki Forest and for the resignation of the Minister of Transport Igor Levitin), and other ecological and public activists. continue reading »

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