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10 Tips For Successful Dating

Whether you’re newly single or a veteran of the dating game, putting yourself out there is never easy. There are so many highs and lows that come with having an active dating life, but the effort is all worthwhile when you make a real connection. Having a healthy approach to dating is all about maintaining a positive mindset and making the most of every opportunity. If you are more interested in hook ups, you can checkout Hookup Websites.

Follow these ten guidelines to put your best face forward in the dating world.

1. Be comfortable with who you are

Improve your dating game by focusing on being relaxed and real. It’s normal to try to impress when you’re on a date, but make sure you have a solid foundation of being true to yourself. Being confident and authentic plays a major role in attractiveness and will help you spark great chemistry. Being comfortable doesn’t require having more money, a better body, or a better job. It’s about knowing who you are and what you have to offer.

2. Bring curiosity to your date

One of the best ways to take the pressure off the dating experience is being genuinely interested in your date. Mark Twain has a famous quote that goes “There’s never been a boring life. Inside every person is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy”. Bring this attitude of curiosity to every date and it will help you form a real connection. Ask questions, show sincere engagement and make them feel heard. By focusing on the other person, you can be more relaxed and more likely to have an enjoyable time together.

3. Let go of your baggage

One of the biggest barriers to having a healthy dating life is not getting a handle on your trust issues. Negative experiences from past relationships can make us closed off, defensive, or oversensitive. None of these qualities will make you attractive or help you bring new love into your life. Having a lot of romantic baggage often leads to being dominated by fear. Work on having a better awareness of this habit and give each person a fair shot at building a connection with you.

4. Remember that first impressions count

It’s important to take pride in your appearance, especially during a first date. It’s very hard to overcome a negative first impression and your date will probably be making an effort to look great. Even if you’re doing a casual activity, take the time to look put together and appealing. Being on time is also key to avoid frustrating your romantic prospect before the date even begins.

5. Dating is a numbers game

In order to have a good shot at making the right connection, you have to be willing to meet a lot of people. Modern dating offers a huge variety of options for getting yourself out there, from the traditional bar scene to being active on dating apps. The more opportunities you have to meet new people, the higher your chances of finding good chemistry. Be proactive and don’t focus too much on any one particular prospect.

6. Don’t be desperate for your date to go well

If you want to have a good dating life, you need to be okay with remaining single. It’s important to cultivate the mentality that you’re going on a date to have a good time, but you don’t need this person to like you. If it feels like you need to find someone in order to be happy, take steps to work on your life and make it more fulfilling. Being desperate is a major turnoff and it will also make it hard for you to distinguish if you’re really interested in that person.

7. Don’t take rejections personally

If you’re following the advice so far, you’re in an excellent position to find great chemistry with the right person. However, being yourself and putting yourself out there will inevitably lead to getting rejected. This is just part of dating, as it is part of life, so it’s crucial to have a healthy approach towards rejection. The simple reality is that not everyone will be interested in you, just as you’re not interested in every person you date. Try to maintain a positive attitude and don’t take the lack of connection personally.

8. Keep an open Mind

While you probably already have some idea of what kind of person you’re looking to find, it’s a good idea to be flexible and remain open to the possibilities. If you go into your date with a rigid list and then start ticking off boxes, you can easily miss out on meeting someone that would be a great match. Don’t limit yourself unnecessarily because it’s not possible to predict where the chemistry will be.

9. Know your deal-breakers

On the other hand, you should never be so flexible that you overlook your core priorities. To avoid wasting your time, sit down and identify the non-negotiable aspects of a romantic prospect. It may be that you just can’t tolerate a smoker or someone who hates dogs. Consider your lifestyle, values, and personality type, as well as past experiences in your dating history. While you don’t want to shut out a potentially good match, it’s helpful to know what you truly cannot live with.

10. Have fun and remember to flirt

If you’re not having fun while dating, you’re probably doing it wrong. Try to maintain a playful, easygoing spirit during the dating process. Being under a lot of pressure will kill the mood, both for you and your romantic interest. Try to relax, enjoy yourself and let the experience develop naturally. Flirting, smiling, and laughter should all be in abundance. Let go of trying to “do it right” and try to enjoy being in the company of this interesting new person.

Having the right mindset will make a world of difference in helping you navigate an active dating life. Follow these tips to help you better enjoy the experience of being single and ready to mingle.

5 Tips For Attracting Women

Many guys feel that they don’t possess certain qualities that women look for in men, and they wonder if they should even try to pursue dating. If you’re going through a dry spell in your love life or have just never had any success at all, don’t give up. It’s likely that there are many ways you could improve your chances of attracting women that you haven’t taken the time to learn about, or you haven’t put enough effort into making the necessary changes. Here are 5 tips to help you more effectively attract women.

1. Don’t look desperate

A common problem that men have when they first meet a woman that they’re interested in is their brain will kick into overdrive trying to come up with clever things to say or other ways to impress her. If a woman gets the sense that you’re dying to go out with her, you will be perceived as less valuable. People desire things that are more difficult to obtain, and they take things for granted when they’re easy to get.

Attractive women are used to guys being attracted to them, so they will notice you more if they don’t pick up on this from you. Also, when you seem to be completely awestruck by her beauty, it will seem like you very seldom succeed with women of her caliber, and this conveys inferiority. Rather than trying to impress the girl with bragging or win her with compliments, just try to create a comfortable interaction where she doesn’t feel like you’re hitting on her or desperate to get her. When a woman feels comfortable talking with you, she will be much more likely to perceive you as a possible romantic partner.

2. Take care of the essentials

Some things are easy to fix, such as using mouthwash, whitening your teeth, cleaning up your hairstyle and other basic grooming. Consider your wardrobe. Do you know how to color-coordinate and make the right kind of wardrobe choices for your occupation and lifestyle? Learn some basic essentials about choosing the clothing that will make you look like you have a good sense about your appearance.

If you’re not blessed with a naturally fit physique, it will definitely help to get in better shape. You don’t have to be ripped to get a date with an attractive girl, but being at a healthy weight means you will look better in your clothes, and you will carry yourself with more strength and confidence if you’re physically fit. Also, if you join a gym, women will perceive you as someone who has self-discipline and self-esteem.

3. Reputation is key

When women consider dating a man, they tend to think more about the long-term implications. Men are thrilled just to hook up with a hot woman, but women tend to think about how a man would be in a relationship. She thinks about how trustworthy the man would be and how he might function as a potential father to her children.

A woman also considers how her social status and social life will be affected by dating you. If you have a reputation for being a womanizer, a cheapskate or any other negative character traits within her circle of acquaintances, it will hurt your chances of attracting her. Try to always treat people the way you would like to be treated in order to be viewed as a decent person.

4. Social proof

One of the best ways to show up on a woman’s radar as a potential romantic partner is when other women find you attractive. This is proof that you have some traits that make you at least somewhat desirable. If a woman sees an attractive girl giving you attention, she is likely to start noticing you rather than being oblivious to your existence.

It’s not always possible for this scenario to occur, so you could just casually mention some women you have dated in the past. Don’t make it the topic of your conversation, but work this former girlfriend in as part of a story or an illustrative example of something you’re explaining to the woman you want to attract.

5. Confidence

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. Confidence is attractive, especially in men because it is perceived as masculinity. Confidence can be difficult to define because there are a lot of ways to convey this trait. A simple way to define it is: confidence is a lack of fear to confront something and a feeling that you are likely to succeed at what you’re attempting to do.

Approaching a woman whom you find truly gorgeous can be very intimidating and even terrifying if you think she’s out of your league. If she is a stunning beauty, she is used to men being nervous or shy around her, so, if you can make eye contact and seem completely unafraid of her, she is likely to be impressed by your confidence.

If you’re a shy person, this is something you will have to learn to overcome. The old saying goes: “fake it ’till you make it.” Even if you’re terrified, try to be calm and introduce yourself without betraying any of that fear. You might find that she will smile and be eager to engage in conversation.

Women like to test your confidence sometimes. As a potential mate, she would like someone who could protect her and her children in the face of danger, so they might want to test your strength and confidence in an adverse situation. They might initially give you a cold response or try to brush you off to see if you’re confident enough to plow ahead and keep trying. If you continue on by making a joke to try and break the ice, you might find that she will laugh and become much more interested in talking with you after you pass her initial test.